Friday, July 19, 2013

Mission prep : FINDING our treasure - scavenger Hunt

For our next activity I wanted to focus on learning our Articles of Faith - Helping the children to learn and know what the AOF mean to them, as learning the Articles of Faith can help us effectively teach others about what we believe.
I wanted to do an Articles of Faith scavenger hunt and on my search for ideas found this AMAZING scavenger hunt already done...ready to print.  So why invent the wheel.
I will change a few things but will use this as a guide.

For our scavenger Hunt I used the activities in the link above but we only used two rooms for the whole activity and the hall way of the chapel.  We placed the different activities in random places in the rooms and hall... each activity in a brown paper bag... one for each of the two teams.
I made a treasure map for each team that marked each activity with an x on the map with a clue from the room eg: Notice board, that indicated the exact location.  Each team started at opposite ends of the map....... and at each activity they worked out which article faith it represented///then marked the number on the map.  The kids had great time figuring out the puzzles and it really helped them become familier with their Articles of Faith.  At the end, we checked that they all had the right numbers on their maps and ended up with a treasure of gold wrapped sweets.
We really did discover that our AOF are a treasure, that we can share with everyone.

* Note: In the two weeks since our activity the majority of our FIG children have learnt an extra 5 + AOF..... they were really motivated to learn them after this activity.

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