Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Story Eggs and hot cross buns

This week we made "cheat" Hot cross buns and created a FHE lesson the kids could share with their families for Easter.  
For their FHE lesson we used this video as inspiration - I loved the revolving hearts in this tutorial, and decided to use Easter Eggs instead of the hearts to tell the story of how the colours of Easter Eggs can remind us of Jesus Christ.
Our Egg cards turned out pretty cute and as the eggs revolve the next scripture to read is revealed

We used a slightly revised script for the FHE lesson based on this cute lesson for Easter.  Each child has their script and their visual aide to share with their family this Easter.

We also made Hot Cross Buns or a cheats version to make it within our Activity time frame - no yeast or rising required and they tasted pretty good.... and the kids loved the hands on element to it.

We used this recipe

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