Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Super 13 Challenge! A.O.F Games night

For an Article of Faith Review night we are holding a SUPER 13 CHALLENGE night.
Objectives: Review article of Faith, review key words, A.o F order, recognition, memorization.

We will break into two teams:

Select an A.O.F and write parts of A.OF on Post it notes.  (Two sets, one for each team) 
Set up two tables.  On each table stick post it notes in random order. 

To play: Each team sends one player to table...they have 20 seconds to put as many notes in order, once time is up the next player goes up to do as many as they can and so forth until whole A.O.F is in order.  First team to complete A.O.F wins point.   Play with 2nd A.O.F if time allows.

Team Relay
Each team player takes turns blowing balloon with straw to end - Collect one puzzle piece to take back to team - Each player does the same until or pieces are collected - once all pieces are collected team puts the puzzle together to reveal A.O.F -  First team wins

Challenge 3: PING PONG MATCH
Line numbers one to 13 on back wall.  Teams sit along other wall.  Between wall and teams set up a bucket for each team.  Each bucket has 13 ping pong balls in them (each ball has a key word on it - each teams written in different colours)
To Play: Each team sends a member to the table - takes one ball - if they know which A.O.F number it is they can run to number as place ball under it, if they need help they must run back to their team for help, then run back to numbers.  First team to match all 13 wins. 

Challenge 4: CUP STACK
Set up a table for each team -  Each table needs one stack of 13 cups - each cup has an A.o F key word written on them. 

To play:  Each team sends one member up to table.  They have 20 seconds to place as many cups in order as they can, - when time is up the next player goes up to table and tries to complete - each player having a turn until its done.  First team done wins. 

Challenge 5: BALLOON POP
Place a copy of each A.O.F on wall - one set for each team.  
Each team needs a set of balloons (differnt colour for each team) In each balloon put one number (1-13)
To Play: each team sends a member to pop a balloon of their team colour - they must match the number to the A.O.F.  If they need help they can run back to team to ask first.  First team to have a full matching set wins point. 

Challenge 6:   Whole group PASS THE PARCEL
Create Pass the Parcel by wrapping one group prize in layers of paper - in each layer put number 1-13, and a small treat.   
To play:  Have kids sit in circle.  Play music.  While music plays the parcel gets passed around circle.  When music stops whomever is holding parcel opens one layer.  The whole group then recites the number A.O F in the layer and the person gets the treat.  Play again and again until each layer has been opened. Last Opening - the treat gets shared (bag of lollipops)

If time allows :  Have teams practice the A.O.F Rap  and perform to each other.
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