Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hope they call me on a mission - Part 1

This coming week we are planning the big launch of our  "Hope they call me on a mission" series of activities.  We have invited at least one parent to come along with each child.... so its a big deal.

Each of the children have recieved an invite like the one below... a plane ticket for Celestial Airlines.
The tickets really had the kids excited because the ticket really does not give too much away.

On the night each child will recieve a boarding ticket as they arrive and be led into our departure lounge (the primary room).  In here they will be welcomed and the night will be explained.'

They will each recieve a passport to be stamped along the way.  (The passport will be a little book that will have several pages... one for each activity they complete over the next few activities.  I think we might  keep these passports, and hand out each activity, just so they dont get lost)  The passport of activities can also relate to activities in the Faith in God Booklet, so these can be signed off each time too.  (see the original post about the Mission series for list of other activities we will be doing)

This first activity the children will be split into 3 groups and will arrive at  3 different destinations (rotating through the classes)
The aim of tonights activity is to highlight that we all have a mission here on earth, (full time mission or not) and that part of that mission is to gain as much knowledge of the gospel and the world around us so that we can teach and serve others in this life and the next.  Our role is to find ways to learn and grow each day.
We are going to start our activity by talking a little about Elder Bednars talk:
Explaining that one of the primary purposes of mortality is to learn -  Tonights activity is starting us on a journey of discovering a little about other people and cultures in the world, and how important it is to know that gaining intelligence is not about being a genius or to know everything,  but that all our learning or knowledge gained is used for righteous purposes.  Tonight we will be visiting 3 countries and learning a little about the language, culture and the gospel in that country. (you will notice the 3rd country really isnt a country but rather I am going to take the opportunity while we have the parents to go over the faith in God booklet and ways we and they can help their children Learn and grow ) We are so blessed to have amazing parents in our ward who are willing to share the languages.... this night we will be visiting Brazil, Japan  and our Faith in GOD pitstop.
Each group will learn, play games and eat special foods from that country while they are visiting  and then travel on to the next one.
At the end we will all come together and play a couple of games that relate to some of the things they have learnt..... matching temples, basic greetings etc....

Will post an update after the activity to fill in just how it went and what we actually did on the its likely to change as we go...LOL

Passport covers:

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