Monday, May 27, 2013

activity days - Follow the Prophet

In the Faith In God booklet, one of the activties in the "learning and living the gospel "section is to "Read a recent conference address given by the prophet. Decide what you can do to follow the prophet, and do it".  For our April activity we invited the children to listen to the messages in General Conference and come prepared to share their favourite message with the rest of the children.
The children all did an amazing job sharing their testimonies of what they learnt from the messages of General conference.  Not only were their testimonies strenthened but I know mine was also.
We followed this up by doing an exercise in following instructions - We made origami hearts for the Mothers for mothers day.
It proved a very worthwhile activity - teaching us all that when we are not listening to the instructions given things do not always go well..LOL
The children proved in the end to be great FOLLOWERS and we made over 80 hearts on the night which we made into pen toppers by adding a springy pipecleaner to the back of the hearts. (the mothers loved them)
We followed this pattern:

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