Monday, May 27, 2013

Activity days - Building Love and Trust- obstacle course.

One part of Faith In God is helping the children to understand the Family Proclamation.  We have taken parts of the proclamation to use as a theme for some activities.
Theme: Based On family proclamation "...... love and care
for each other" We can learn now to be kind and care for each other.

We started the night by having a 5 minute mini lesson introducing the part of the proclamation that talks about how "husbands and wives should love and care for each other".  We talked about ways we know people love and care for us and how we can show others the same.  Things like kindness, friendship, trust, helping etc. We also talked about how Heavenly Father has given us guidelines to help us have great relationships with family and friends .... that lead us to our next activity.
For our main activity we partnered the children up -(we purposly separated best buddies so that the kids could work on developing new relationships within our primary)
Before the activity we set up a complicated obstacle course using the furniture in the primary rooms, ropes, ladders, gates, flags etc. We added printed road signs etc to give direction. The obstacle course ran thru two rooms, the hall way, thru doors and into the outside courtyards.
We gave each pair one blindfold, and then took the unblindfolded children for a walk through the course, to explain how we would like them to direct their partners through the obstacles.  We emphasized talking to our partners, gently guiding them, and not allowing them to fall.  Each partner had a turn navigating and going blind.  After the first round they were able to discuss things that made it hard and things that really helped.  We then let them try again.
All the children had a fun night, and made new friends along the way.
We also used this FHE idea as a basis for our lesson :

Partners helped each other thru various obstacles blindfolded, navigating surprises in the course together learning trust, kindness, and working together.
We finished the night with some traffic light jelly cups and popcorn balls.

Treats - Popcorn balls . Traffic light jelly cups

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