Sunday, June 16, 2013

" I hope they call me on a mission" Series

With so many great things happening with missionary work in the Church in recent times, and with the excitement surrounding so many of our own stake members heading out on missions, we thought it would be great to run a series of Activities based on Preparing for missions.
Some of the things we may cover over the next few activities are......(will add to the list as we think of more)
  • A cultural night - learning about other countries, food, language - we have a very multi-cultural ward so we are inviting a few parents to teach the children some basic words/phrases related to sharing the messages of the gospel in another language.
  • I Believe - A fun night of games to revise, learn the Articles of Faith, and know what they mean to us
  • Looking my best-   On this night we might try our hands at learning some self reliance skills like ironing, polishing shoes, sewing buttons, packing a suitcase etc - Maybe in a relay form would make it more fun.
  • My body is a temple - Health and wellness night - a short lesson about importance of keeping our minds and bodies healthy and strong - possible zumba night, and or healthy cooking night.
  • Preparing to teach - invite the ward missionaries, role play ways we can share the gospel, have the children write testimonies into Book of Mormons for missionaries to share.
  • Care Packages- making care packages, writing letters to missionaries from our ward/stake.
I found this webpage that has great ideas that we may be able to base some of our activities on on

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