Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mission Prep - Planting our testimonies

In the faith in God Booklet it asks the children to write their testimonies in the book. To prepare them to do so this activity will identify what a testimony is and what we can do to help it grow.

The Plan : Start the night with a mini lesson about how faith is like a seed, that needs to be nurtured and cared for. It starts out small but with faith, prayer, study etc it can grow and can be shared with others to help their testimonies grow too (just as a tiny seed with water, sun, etc can grow to a plant that shares too -fruit, seeds etc)
Activity - Paint plant pots and plant a seed - maybe a sunflower (many seeds come from sunflower once its grown and it stands tall for all to see)
Have the children write their testimonies on little cards - maybe of flowers - and then "plant" them in Book of Mormons, and on the ward notice board to be shared with our ward family.

We can use this message to create the lesson behind this activity.

Tonight we had a lesson about how our testimonies are like a little seed, to grow they must be nurtured. We decorated pots with parts of our testimonies on them and planted sunflowers for us to look after. We also shared our testimonies on our own homemade pass-along cards and flowers which decorated our ward notice board so our testimonies can be shared with others. Special nite too because Elise moves up to YW and we had a Saul attend for the very first time!

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