Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BuBbLE bUBbLe tOiL AND tROuBLe! LOTIONS And Potions Night - halloween!


Because October is Halloween month and I know our ward is planning a more traditional Halloween activity, I thought it might be fun to have a fun experimentation night.
To mark off one of the activities in the developing talents part of the Faith in God Booklet - "Make and item from wood, metal, fabric or OTHER material .......We are going to make our own soaps, lotions and potions!

After the success of cooking activity, I think this one will go down a treat with the kids.

I have found a few great, easy recipes to make soap, lotion, maybe lip gloss, and maybe even homemade laundry powder to take home for the family to try.

I will list the recipes I may use, and add to the blog after to show our results and the recipes we actually use on the night.

POSSIBLE recipes :

I have a whole box of cool chocolate moulds which I may use for the soaps and then we could possible use them to make care packages for our missionaries for the next months activity.

So two weeks ago I got called to be YW President, and at the time I was asked to continue on with my planned Faith in God activity for OCT.   The above plan had to be changed a little to fit in with all the crazy business with my new calling, so as we do we adjusted the sails a little and tried something a little simpler but just as much fun and still in keeping with the theme:

We did FUN science experiments instead of Lotions and potions.
We started the night with a Sensory Relay.... kids blindfolded and reaching hands into a bowl of goodness knows what.......and then running back to their answer cards to write down what they thought was in the bowl before coming back for more...... This was a fun activity.... We checked all the answers against each other at the end.... Some very interesting answers...LOL    We used - Chocolate Pudding, slime, noodles with dates in it, mini canned corn,(they smelt awful, baked beans and green olives.

We made, Fizzing lava bombs, fizzing bath salts, lava lamps and Bouncy Balls.

Will add the recipes we used later: But here are some pics of our fizzing lava bombs:

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