Thursday, March 23, 2017

Article of Faith revision game - CUPS

As part of Activity days we will be trying to include an Article of Faith revision component each time we meet together.  This weeks revision activity was a Cup stacking game using key words of the 13 AOF.

  • 13 Plastic Cups
  • One key word from each of the 13 AOF
  • Sharpie.
  • F.I.G books if the kids need extra help
Simply write one key word on each cup, mix up the order of the cups and instruct the children to try and put the cups in order of the A.O.F they represent. Our kids tried doing as many as they could without help first and then when allowed them to use their books to fill in the blanks. This first time was quite challenging for the kids, but we will use it again in future weeks and test how much easier it becomes as they become more familier with the A.O.F.    We allowed them to work in teams this time but in the future we may try having individuals compete against each other or do timed races.

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