Sunday, March 19, 2017

Developing talents- Enviro Art Challenge

Last week I had the opportunity to go on a school trip with my daughter where we spent the day in the bush and at the beach Creating art with Nature as our Pallette and our Canvas.  We took inspiration from the beautiful artworks of Andy Goldsworthy Andy Goldsworthy - Nature artist.    The children were all challenged to look at the shapes, colours and textures found in nature and think of ways that they could add to, take away from, change, or enhance what they could see to create something new in that environment.  They were shown Andy Goldworthy example peices to show them that his designs could be very simple or very ellaborate, but all created interest to the viewer.
The children all loved the challenge and came up with some wonderful examples.   Part of this challenge was to photograph their designs, and to think about how light, shadow, composition etc would create interest in recording their artworks  (the photograph being particularly important because thier artworks in nature would eventually dissapear)  

Ive been thinking about how this could be a great activity for Activity Days  to accomplish the challenge in Developing Talents to make an item and display it for others to see.   Im adding it to my calendar for this year for sure.

Here are some examples of the Enviro art the children created.

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